Monday, 13 September 2010

Drifters and Swingers

Ok first "real" post i guess. First of all thanks to all those who have logged on and hello to the randoms in germany and the states (bizarre!). My final weeks training has slipped....i managed a solid 30miler in just under 4:30. It was a fairly decent training run although the route across london was far too busy and full of drifters and swingers. Drifters, in case anyone cares, are people that walk along the street and seem to "drift" from one side of the path to the other just as you are about to overtake them- damn its annoying. Whats even worse is when they have one limp arm that seems to swing around from side to side like they are constantly fanning a fart away....this is not a natural way to walk is it? Anyway, the run has surprisinly left my legs feeling extrememly fatigued and ive decided an extra few days rest will benefit me more come race day than an additional 30mile run. I plan to fit in one more training expedition just to practice performance under sleep deprivation. I will be staying up for 24 hours before going on a 6-8hour hike around the south downs. I definately believe running sleep deprived and/or hungry is one of the three best training tools for ultra endurance training. Numbers 1 and 2 are back to back long runs and hills both for obvious reasons! Other than this its taper time! I have been looking forward to this for ages! I have an excuse to put my feet up as much as poosible, get a massage and plan some race tactics. I have started on a race day nutrition plan which will be left very loose as your stomch could and will do anything on the day. The only sure fire things are to take a carb/electrolyte gel and some hornet juice every lap. I told a few people im going for the Vespa (wasp juice) on race day but as I could not get hold of it I've had to switch to the hornet but its a very similar fat metabolising product. As for actual race day pace plan....their is no plan. 2 hour laps on this course will get you a win and their will only be a small hand full of people breaking 24 hours. For me, well, i read it takes a 'newbie' on average 3 attempts to finish a 100 so thats all im focusing on- although typical me, i will go out hard and try to hold on! I'll post again later in the week after my run and hopefully post some pics of the 100 mile course. Twp quick footnotes- Im now over 1600km (1000miles) for the yeah and approx 25,000 vertical feet. Its not as much as i hoped but im fairly happy considering Ive missed 12 weeks through injury. secondly huge props to former english boy Nick Clark who won he Watasch 100mile in just over 20hours! Thanks for reading

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