Saturday, 28 September 2013

Spartathlon (© 2013 Stats and figures:

7 UK runners followed in the steps of Pheidippides this weekend and a furthur 15 valiantly attempted too. I collated finisher results to look how our Finishers stacked up against the rest of the world.

A few historical facts and figures first:

Joao Oliveira of Portugal became only the 11th Person to break 24 hours en route to his excellent win. It was, however, the 14th fastest time of all-time. Some of the runners have broke it more than once. The great Kouros has done it 4 times (4 fastetst times ever), Jurek has 3 and Cudin has 2 for example

The Female winner Szilvia Lubics' run of 28:03 is the 3rd fastest of all-time. Behind Lizzy Hawker (27:02) and Sumie Inagaki (27:39)

This years total finishers of 148 is the 2nd highest of all-time. 2008 remains the highest with 154 finishers


Finisher Rate: 146 of 344 (42.44%)
Average Finisher Age:  42.40
Average Finisher Time: 34:24
Average Time to 50miles:* 8:14
Average Time to 100miles:* 21:26
 (* Only data from the 146 finishers of the race included)


Finisher Rate: 7 of 22 (31.81%)
Average Finisher Age:  40.29
Average Finisher Time:  32:44
Average Time to 50miles:** 07:50
Average Time to 100miles:** 19:20
(** Only data from the 7 finishers of the race included)

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