Monday, 27 May 2013

Kingston University: Long Term Study Investigation of Ultra Endurance Runners

Thanks for reading and finding your way here. Some ground breaking and exciting research into Ultra Runners is being carried out at Kingston University and  as many of us as possible are needed to help be part of it.

To date, scientific data on the physiological, biological and immunological responses to ultra running training and racing has been extremely limited. Some good research is coming out of Lyon and a few other places but most of these are tests conducted over extremely short periods of time, with small sample sizes or are only applicable in the lab and not to the field....i.e. not to you or me!

This new study is a long term study conducted over 4-5 years and does not require you to enter specific events or specific training unlike most lab tests. This makes it real and applicable to every endurance runner- the results at the end of this project will be extremely important to the ultra community in respect to health, injury prevention and performance. As an added benefit, by participating you will receive free laboratory and field testing which includes things like VO2max tests, lactate threshold tests, heat and altitude simulations etc. All of these would normally cost you hundreds of pounds but you will receive these 2-4 times per year! As a bare minimum getting these to measure your continued growth as a runner and to help plan specific training for performance is something every runner will benefit from.

All participant identity information is kept confidential and participants are permitted to withdraw at any time.

If this is something you wish to be part of please contact me at mentioning the Kingston University study. I will forward you some additional information and contact details for the research team.

Come make a difference and be part of something huge!


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