Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kilian Classik Result Summary 2012

Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez! God damn if I could go faster up this damn near vertical ski slope I would! Todays Kilian Classik 45km race was beautifully brutal- this is a quick summary before I do a more extensive post on the differences between European and UK trail races (their are many). Kilian himself, along with Britain’s Tom Owens and Greg Vollet (all Salomon) ran it in today in 4:17 followed closely by Mick Donges in a fraction over 4:30. The women’s race was won by Emelie Forsberg, who by her own comments claimed that she would be taking it easy today! Man that girl can downhill. The course was around the beautiful Font Romeu town in the French Pyreness and as you can imagine it was extremely tough. Only 11,000ft or so of altitude change run between 5500 and 9000ft but it was the most technical trail I have ever experienced! Lots of loose rocks and slate, with some very unrunable descents. Salomon used to upload videos as the runners went past two points. The first point was a climb up a ski slope- a quick scan of videos on the site suggests that only Jonathan Wyatt and Kilian were able to run it. Any questions that I can fill in before a post something for extensive then please drop me a line on twitter. UKRUNRAMBLES

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