Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Update December 2012 and IAU athlete of the year nominations

Been a while since a real posting, basically because in one way nothing has happened but when I look at the bigger picture I guess a lot has happened! Since the Ridgeway in August I have taken a lot of downtime with running to try and keep myself healthy (see training stats at the bottom of the page!). My biggest news is that I have an Entry into UTLD 100miler and I will be putting my silly hat into the UTMB 100 lottery later this month! If I'm in, it will dumb to do both just a month apart and a combined total of 206miles of racing and +50,000ft of vertical but I'll give it a shot. Minimum i will get from it is a ridiculous amount of "experience".
So from now until then its about getting in some good race practice and loads of hill training (plus watch this space for 'ninjering' you heard it here first!)
I have entered 4 races for Jan and Feb to keep me busy and focused in the mean time- Winter Tanners 30, UltraRace 45/90, Pilgrim Challenge 33/66 and London Ultra.

In world news- Hardrock 100 is going to be crazy next year and Kyle Skaggs' 'unbeatable' record could be in jeopardy but that will rely upon a fit Geoff Roes and Anton Krupicka (waitlist 16) to turn up. You also have some old boys in Karl Meltzer, Hal Koerner and AJW (waitlist 6) and some young guns too in Dakota Jones (also a threat to any record, Joe Grant and Dominic Grossman. Cant wait to spectate this from my laptop!

Finally the IAU have released the nominations for Ultra Runner of the year. GBR has one male and no less then 6 females! A bit better than SPOTY! Lizzy Hawker should be a dead cert for the overall gong too, shes simply incredible both athletically and personally. In fact just enjoy her THE NORTH FACE video profile

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