Monday, 8 November 2010


It's a question we all ask ourselves in life no matter what it is we do. When ultra running is involved the question gets flipped- I'm always asked "why would anyone want to run that far, that much". It is certainly a question I asked myself once or twice both during and after my long, arduous and painful race 4weeks ago. However, despite only logging a measly 100km (that's a shocking 25km week average)since the race I have entered a 90miler weekend race in January AND I have been one of the fortunate few to be selected for the coveted 145mile grand union canal race in may. This has really left me thinking WHY!? Sometimes I think hard about it but in reality the answer is simple.......their is copious amounts of money to be won at ultra races, its ridiculous how much money is available in the sport- I actually think it could make me a millionaire. 2nd reason- girls. For some strange reason a man running for 24 hours, shitting in woods, pissing down his leg and sweating liberally seems to attract women like bees to honey. Honestly sometimes I actually get groupies chasing me like I have a pair of jimmy choos in my bag. And thirdly, the jet set lifestyle- the races take me to all kinds of exotic places that I could only have dreamed of visiting. In what world would you get the opportunity, and this is just 2010, to visit places like marshside kent, streatham and aldershot! only celebrities get opportunities like this. So all in all, the why question is simply answered! forget the nature and freedom, allowing my introverted side indulgence and away from a hectic London lifestyle (yes introverted as ironic as it is being a blogger!) and forget the strength I gain mentally and physically on a trail....nope money, women and jets have got my dialed into my running again...its go time.

Other than this little impulsive post, I do have some things I'm doing with the blog over the next few months. My online training programme will hopefully be available in December and I hope to have a dedicated section for training programmes for all distances. I have tailored a lot of programmes this summer for people and results have been great so I will share these with a view to gaining some momentum on the selling of bespoke programmes. I also think I will try to produce a trainer guide for both road, trail and fell shoes- I have had great access to test shoes with backcountry so hopefully I can create quite a comprehensive list that people will genuinely log on to see and not just because they are my friend and I tell them to :-). Happy trails


  1. i got gucr too! hoping for thames ring though but either way some early 2011 training runs are in order! unless your going to be introverted lol jokes. elwood

  2. Nice blog Richard. I've done very little since CC100 either. Wanted to let you know that I've managed to set up properly and start what I hope to be a decent race for August next year on the North Downs Way, 100 50 and 26.2 mile distances. Sounds like you'll have your hands full for 2011 with GUCR but if you're recovered in time and fancy a work out with a big fat buckle at the end for finishing you might want to give it a go. Have a look at

    Hope to see you out there on the trails in 2011.

    All the best


  3. you are so slow with updates LOL. Did you not race this weekend?